Your child

We offer your child:

  • A specially tailored curriculum leading towards nationally approved learning goals.

  • A large selection of play equipment and resources to help contribute to development learning through play and adult-led activities.

  •  Individual care and attention by our high ratio of staff to children,

  • The support of a personal Key Worker, and opportunities of parental involvement in the child’s progression.

  • Fun and friendship with children and other adults.

  • Opportunities for direct family involvement in the activities of the 
Pre-school setting and in their 
child’s progress.

Parents Rota
Research shows that children learn better when parents take an active interest and feel involved. Our ‘Parent Helper’ system enables parents to help in the group on a regular basis. This allows us to maintain the high ratio of adults to children in our pre-school, as well as providing parents with the opportunity to take an active part. You will find it helpful to understand what takes place during the sessions and you will be able to talk with your child about their day. We hope that you will also value the opportunity to meet other adults involved with the pre-school.

Please sign up on the sheet in the entrance lobby.

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