Our Session Plan

Our Session Plan

We aim to provide a variety of activities that enable the children to develop their independence, communication skills, imagination and creativity. We also support their emotional and physical development.

The Pre-school session begins with a welcome to the children, parents or carers. This is followed by circle time, news, registration and calendar. This gives the children the opportunity to discuss their “news” and change the calendar. The day, month, year, season and the weather are changed every day. The children then have adult-led free play, which includes various table top activities, floor construction, malleable play, painting, cooking, writing and colouring opportunities. During this session there will be an adult-led activity, relating to the chosen theme for that term.

Halfway through the session the children are asked to tidy away before snack time. Children wash their hands and sit down for a drink and a snack.

The second half of the session gives the children the opportunity to join in with circle time, which includes music, songs and stories. This is followed by physical exercise, outdoor play (weather permitting) or indoors. This gives the children a large range of equipment to explore, developing hand and eye co-ordination, balancing and gross motor skills. The self-contained outdoor play area is accessible at all times for the children.

The children also have regular opportunities to visit St. James’s Primary School, which we feel will help with the transition from pre-school to school.

The children are provided with a healthy snack of milk or water to drink and a savoury snack e.g. toast, crackers or breadsticks, after which, weather permitting outside play in our enclosed outdoor play area.

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