Questionnaire Reminder

Here is a quick reminder of the questions.  The tickable boxes were: Strongly agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree

  1. My child enjoys coming to Hanney Pre-School.

  2. My child was helped to settle into Hanney Pre-School.

  3. Hanney Pre-School is meeting the expectations I had for my child’s pre-school education.

  4. I would feel comfortable in approaching staff with questions, suggestions or a problem.

  5. Hanney Pre-School encourages children to be healthy.

  6. My child is safe and well cared for at Hanney Pre-School.

  7. I feel the children’s behaviour is good at Hanney Pre-School.

  8. I feel I am given enough information about Hanney Pre-School.

  9. I receive enough information about my child’s activities at Hanney Pre-School.

  10. I think the volunteer rota is a good idea.

  11. I think Hanney Pre-School is well led and managed.

  12. If the Friday session were to be extended until 2p.m. in line with the rest of the week, would you be interested in taking up the hours?

  13. Have you any suggestions for Hanney Pre-School’s future planning?

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