2014 Parent Survey

In all, a great response – In total we had 19 respondents.

If you would like to see detailed answers question by question you can download the summary sheet by clicking on the following link completedparentsurvey2014.

There were many positive comments about our Pre-School :

My boys are always happy to attend and would love to go every day. Staff are friendly and my children feel safe with them and can talk to them if they feel upset.

Totally love everything about Pre School!

Lovely atmosphere at Pre School

Hanney Pre School is a fun, friendly, happy and stimulating place for my child to learn and get ready for school.

My children have always looked forward to Pre School and I think that says it all!

The staff are friendly, helpful and genuinely enjoy working with children. I am very happy with the staff and learning environment. I am impressed with the volume of things that the children make and their trips to the shop!

Security is much improved since the signing in system.

When I have dropped my child off at Pre School and kissed her goodbye. I have a smile on my face as I know she will have a wonderful time and is in the safest of care. When I pick her up, she is smiling, bouncing and bursting to tell me what she has done and learnt….from both our perspectives, we couldn’t ask for more!

We are constantly striving to improve our Pre-school and constructive feedback is always appreciated.

A brief orientation for parents would be useful.

Reading log is just a way to record what books are given out as no other comments are made.

Some parents leave the gate open and do not bolt it.

Have wow vouchers run their course?

A number of suggestions have been implemented into the day to day running of the Pre school.
  • Writing names on letters or notices to ensure each parent receives information
  • An orientation for new parents is currently being discussed.
  • We  have installed an intercom and security system – removing the need for folk to remember to bolt the gate and ensuring that our staff know who is on site.

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