Hanney Pre-school is a registered charity and is managed by a voluntary committee who are also Trustees of the charity. A list of the current committee members will be displayed on one of the noticeboards in the cloakroom area, please speak to any one of them about any aspect of the running of the Pre-school.

Once your child has a place at the Pre-school you become a member of the Pre-school. This allows you a vote or to be elected onto the committee at the Annual General Meeting held in the spring of each year.

Come along – Get involved – Share the Load – Make a Difference!

The committee is also responsible for fund-raising. Although the Pre-school is government funded, these grants only cover the day-to-day running costs. Everything else, such as the costs of maintaining the building, snacks, drinks, books, toys, arts and crafts, computers, outdoor play equipment, the Christmas and summer parties and outings are paid for by funds raised. Even if you do not wish to be part of the committee it is vital that you support the fund-raising events. Any help is gratefully accepted no matter how small. If you are unable to attend the main event then donations (not necessarily money) can be given or raffle tickets bought or sold. We are also registered for gift aid so we can reclaim an additional 28p for every £1 of any cash donations. All fund-raising events will be advertised on one of the noticeboards and we generally send a newsletter out to all parents/carers to let them know of forthcoming events. We welcome any new ideas from parents/carers as to suggested events and/or contacts to provide advice or practical support.

We like to involve parents in the running of our pre-school.

We do this by:

  • Regular newsletters,

  • AGM and committee meetings,

  • Regular updates on our information board to which parents are free to contribute,

  • A photo gallery shows children working across all six areas of learning and is permanently accessible to parents and carers.

Most importantly all staff are available to chat to parents at the beginning and end of each session. Any questions can be answered and hopefully any problems resolved.

In the event of a serious problem or complaint please see complaints procedure in the Operational Folder or telephone OFSTED 020 7421 6800. This information is also found on a poster in the foyer.

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